Friday, March 16, 2012

Words Devoured: The Infernals

I had already read "The Gates", and was thrilled to find a sequel. I must have forgotten about it, or something. "The Infernals" picks up a bit after the events of "The Gates".

Mrs.Abernathy, having harnessed energy from the LHC at CERN after it had been reactivated, brings her hated enemy Samuel Johnson (and his little dachsund Boswell) to Hell to get her revenge.

John Connolly creates demonic hordes very well! His cast of characters--demons and humans alike--are easily loveable/detestable. His worlds are also amazingly rich, and lovingly crafted.

Connolly's writing is hilarious, and the footnotes--often offering the author's own opinions--are well done! I love his writing-style, and this book was just as well done as any of the others he has written

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